Report Suspected Drug Activity or Prescription Drug Abuse

Call Toll Free and Remain Anonymous or Submit an Email Tip

1-866-2REPORT (1-866-273-7678)

Leave a message if the operator is unavailable to answer your call.

Illegal drug use and activities impact each of us and the safety and well being of Nevada’s communities every day. From a friend or loved one who suffers from drug addiction, to the sense of insecurity of seeing frequent short-term traffic at the house next door—illegal drug use and activity affects each and every one of us regardless of who we are and where we live. You can help a loved one or improve the quality of life and safety of Nevada’s communities by reporting suspected drug activities at 1-866-2REPORT (1-866-273-7678). You can remain anonymous when calling in, if you choose.

You can also submit a tip via email at: