Our Philosophy, Mission and Goals

To provide the citizens of Nevada with an innovative, proactive and efficient approach for the investigation of criminal activity statewide; to provide law enforcement with a purposeful collection, analysis and sharing of intelligence-based information; and to provide members of the Investigation Division with a challenging and rewarding work environment.

Our Mission

The Investigation Division is a law enforcement agency dedicated to public safety statewide. This is accomplished through the professional enforcement of controlled substance laws; by providing comprehensive investigative services to all criminal justice agencies; and, by supporting law enforcement statewide through the collection and dissemination of relevant and timely criminal and threat information. This mission is accomplished in an atmosphere of professional and ethical standards and a commitment to cooperation and mutual support between the Division and other criminal justice agencies and the citizens of Nevada.

Our Goals

  • To provide for the public safety by proactively investigating and disrupting the illicit narcotics trade and the illegal diversion of pharmaceutical controlled substances.
  • To support statewide criminal justice needs by providing professional and comprehensive investigative assistance, including polygraph services.
  • To manage and coordinate a statewide effort for the sharing of information to detect and prevent terrorist plots and threats against our citizens and infrastructure.
  • To foster effective and professional law enforcement supervision and administration by facilitating continuing education and career development opportunities.